RoSPA Advanced Motorcycle Test

Passing the RoSPA advanced motorcycle test test will prove beyond doubt that you can ride safely and to a system in a variety of road and traffic conditions, and that you can manoeuvre your machine accurately, under control and with proper regard for the safety of yourself and other road users.

Success in your RoSPA advanced motorcycle test will demonstrate unequivocally that you have improved your riding technique, your observation and road skills. You will be a better, safer rider. And you may even qualify for a discount on your insurance premium.

“To think I’ve been riding for 24 years thinking I knew it all! Paul, I do believe you’ve saved my life and for that I thank you. Please use my recommendation for your professional and truly enjoyable training, in whatever way you choose. You’re like a friend not just an instructor.” – Alan, Somerset

How good do you have to be on your advanced motorbike test? Quite a lot better than when you took your L test but not ridiculously so. Naturally, the level is higher as you now have some experience under your belt but interestingly many of the same elements and principles apply.

The test will take place  on a variety of roads and will take 60 minutes or so to complete, depending on conditions for the day. Routes cover a variety of busy roads in built-up areas, national speed limit roads including dual carriageways and, where possible, motorways.

The examiner will be looking for a really good ride in total safety and providing you pass you will be be graded either Bronze, Silver or Gold. Paul will guide you through the different grades so that you have the chance to prepare and practice the skills required.

Advanced Motorcycle Training