What do we do?

Mar 08, 2019

Okay, very simply, Motorcycle Roadcraft and Get Cornering are the products, courses, of Advanced Motorcycle Training Ltd. Moving with the changing times, even in this industry is a necessary process for us. The website has been redeveloped and taken on a whole new modern look and not least, this Blog allows us to jot down a few things that are on our minds, in a non-controversial way we hope. Though, this is the motorcycle industry after all!

Thanks to Rob Lawrence at Creative and Marketing Solutions for his expertise in assisting with the tekky stuff to make all the changes possible. The previous Get Cornering website was looking dated after 5 years in situ and Motorcycle Roadcraft is much more readilly accepted these days as the industry's 'go to' publication for reference on becoming an even better rider.

There we have it then a few changes, a great deal of time and effort, and a whole new look. We hope you like it.