Dick Lovett Motorrad, Bristol

Mar 08, 2019

Dick Lovett Motorrad is situated at Cribbs Causeway in Bristol. As part of the prestigious branding that Dick Lovett carries these days, BMW Motorrad is their chosen route for motorcycles. And what great bikes BMW make. Equally, I think motorcycle manufacturers make some fantastic stuff these days, whether it be Honda, Kawasaki, Triumph, Yamaha or Suzuki. There is really a bike for everyone's preferences it seems.

I'm young enough, or old enough even, to remember when the Japanese manufacturers were breaking new ground in the UK, England more specifically at the time, with the introduction of their incredible 2 stroke engines and Honda, with their 4 cylinder engines carved out their reputation for reliability and quality. Hasn't that period of time stood them in good stead. Triumph was really up against it and the modern rider was looking to move away from the perception of oily, heavy slow bikes that would often leave the rider stranded at the roadside. Perceptions eh.

Yep, we're very lucky riders today to have the choices available, Triumph was later reborn and we're proud as well in this instance to be the provider of riding courses for Dick Lovett Motorrad in this ever changing and colourful world of motorcycling.