Hi and welcome to the Get Cornering Blog! Bridgestone T30 tyres

Mar 07, 2019

Here’s some info you might enjoy reading about Bridgestone T30 tyres but first, let me introduce myself.

There is much to learn and enjoy about biking and of course I don’t have all the answers. I hope though, through this Blog, that I can provide some valuable guidance and some entertainment.

In the last 14 years or so I’ve travelled around 400,000 plus miles on motorcycles. It may be more than that. The mileage is a combination of work and pleasure and as a full time trainer, much of the mileage is work related. I'm lucky enough as well to have ridden in many of the countries in Europe. I’m glad I’m still here but this kind of mileage and in the circumstances of my daily riding, I've encountered experiences that only motorcycling along with full time training provides! 30,000 hours teaching on the roads in the UK has been an incredible journey in itself. I hope you enjoy the Blog and please contact me if you have any questions.

Ok, so what do I think about the Bridgestone T30 Sport Touring tyre? Tyres have a unique interest to motorcyclists and over the recent years the tyre manufacturers have invested heavily to meet the demanding requirements of fitment to motorcycles. As long as tyres are black, round and made of rubber though, is there really much to be bothered about?

To a point, I agree with that sentiment, but, in my opinion as a professional trainer and as a rider, I firmly believe that the rider's confidence is the key to unlocking their abilities and not the other way around, as is often portrayed.

I recognise that I am no different to any of my students or clients in that I need confidence to believe that the tyres will stick to the road, particularly when the bike is leaned right over! Not such an easy thought on a public road for all sorts of reasons. Each of the 400,00 miles has required my confidence in the tyres on any given machine at the time. Quite a thought. Accepting too that there are many factors affecting cornering, it's my experience that the tyre manufacturers have an incredibly complex task on their hands to develop great motorcycle tyres. I think too that they are doing a great job.

Bikes being bikes and riders being riders, they, and we, come in all sorts of shapes, weights and sizes. Each bike handles slightly differently to the next and more so with different tyre combinations and pressures to boot.

How then does a motorcycle tyre manufacturer solve the never ending desire for grip and performance that we as riders crave so much?

Bridgestone have done a terrific job with their latest sport touring tyre the T30, that's for sure. My bike for the trip around Europe is the BMW K1300GT;  not everyone's cup of tea but it is very quick and capable of around 160 mph plus. It is ridiculously heavy and slow to turn when it's loaded and has a pillion. But, it carries lots of stuff which we need to take when we do these things!

There's no perfect bike. At a calculated guesstimate, the bike is close to 300 kilos with a full tank of fuel and the empty luggage attached. The top case alone is like a concrete block. Add to this that all the cases are filled with the usual junk for trips, add another heavy bag strapped to the top case, add a fully loaded tank bag, a rider and a pillion and we have a bike that exceeds half a ton. Now, I want a tyre that deals with all of this, corners, grips, doesn't wear out quickly and is reasonably priced. Mmmmm. Bring on the Bridgestone T30.

Bridgestone have done an amazing job with this tyre. A new set needed to be fitted at just over 7,000 miles, most of which had been ridden as described above, on autobahns and the associated speeds, on mountain roads, and thousands of bends with twists and turns every step of the way. The rear was worn to the tread bars but the front still had mileage available. It's a really impressive tyre.