Parking spaces for motorcycles!

Mar 07, 2019

Parking spaces for motorcycles, or should I say a lack of parking spaces to be more accurate, is one of those things that gets me thinking as to how society has got the understanding of motorcycles and their benefits, completely wrong. I read some statistics recently that highlighted research showing that if just 10% of drivers left their cars at home and took to riding motorcycles, then congestion in the UK would be eliminated! Completely gone! No more congestion  -  how good that would be! For everyone.

Will it happen? I doubt it. And I doubt it because we live in a society in which ministers, politicians, planners, councils and councillors go around with a very limited outlook as to the benefits or otherwise of motorcycles. Some would say that they talk a lot and see nothing of how insular their thoughts appear to be, promoting cycling instead, as if we can all realistically go to work on a pushbike. Can we have some sense please? Yes, cycling is healthy but it's an activity that needs to be confined to realistic aims of health and fitness rather than trying to cycle 43 miles to work in the rain along the M4. Great if you live around the corner from your place of work. Utterly and completely impractical and ridiculous as a form of business transport in the grand scheme of things.

Motorcycles though, that's a whole new benefit to congestion and the environment. More motorcycles = no congestion, = safer motorcycling, = more motorcycles = far less pollution, faster journey times and happy commuters.

However, when I went to park my bike in a public car park today with space for 50 cars, there was a third of a car parking space available for motorcycles - yet another example of a very limited outlook by those that make the policies and decisions. It's time for this to change before we all collapse with the inability to breathe and move. Perhaps they could look at the example set by Melbourne, Australia and see how they're integrating motorcycles into their transport policy for 2015 & 2018. The best city in which to live, in the world.