Motorcycle Roadcraft: Episode 1 Safety - Stability - View

Feb 16, 2021

Click here to watch Episode 1 of our series tackling understanding of the application of Safety - Stability - View

Motorcycle Roadcraft: The series explores the skills of motorcycle roadcraft from the professional instructor and expert viewpoint. Exactly how good can we get at riding our bikes? The answer is exceptionally good and exceptionally safe.

This is Episode 1 of a series of advanced motorcycle riding tutorials from Paul Dickinson Coaching Limited. Safety Stability View is an industry recognised concept used in the teaching of motorcycle roadcraft, not just at an advanced level. Understanding its interpretation is vital to our safety and enjoyment yet is so often misinterpreted.

The clips in this video take place on the typically urban and rural roads that we all ride or drive on 'every day' in the UK. The skills can be applied on any roads anywhere in the UK or abroad. The clips re-visit some of the hazards outlined in the Introductory video to give the professional perspective of events and the application of Safety Stability View from the professional context. There is some slow motion play back with explanation.

Part of Paul's work is as an expert witness in which he gives evidence to the court based on his experience as a trainer and as a rider. His experience covers 23 years as a professional trainer, more than 40,000 hours tuition time on the roads with students at all levels of experience and mileage on the roads to go to the moon and back.