Fb img 1598483793190“Thank you for visiting my website. With more than two decades of teaching motorcycling skills at all levels, much of what I have learned about surviving on the roads can’t be learned from videos or a book, or from someone with a casual interest in ‘teaching’ people advanced skills. My own mileage in that time has exceeded that required to ride to the moon and back at least. My on road tuition during that time is over 40,000 hours.

I have worked out for example that in every 70,000 miles I will be exposed to a potentially serious incident, that is a fact of life. All I can do is mitigate the outcome of that potential incident by consistently riding at a level that ensures my full concentration and by implementing all the good things about being safe and enjoying my riding.

Motorcycling is undoubtedly an art. I take my work seriously because at the end of the day I don’t know when in that 70,000 miles the incident will occur. The aim of each of my lessons is to advance your skills and knowledge taking you from what you already know to areas of riding that you might not yet have explored. There may also be areas of riding that you have explored but want to improve and develop more understanding. What is certain is that the more knowledge and skills you have the safer you will be and the more enjoyable your riding.

Research (Dunning-Kruger et al) shows that people consistently overestimate their own abilities to perform any given task. It is the case that we don’t know what we don’t know. Expert assessment enables the rider to recognise their abilities and to mitigate potentially catastrophic errors as a consequence of misunderstanding. Lots of riders are unaware of the potentially disastrous habits they already have because nothing has ever happened, ‘but one day’. Ongoing lessons develop best practice in all areas of safety skills and attitude.

I hope very much that you will join me on a course and advance your skills”.

Paul E. Dickinson