Pass your Advanced Motorcycle Test in just 5 days

Get Cornering offers rider training for the RoSPA advanced motorcycle test. Achieving a Gold grade is a professional standard and there is no comparable standard or test available to the public in the UK.

RoSPA Advanced Motorcycle Test in 5 days or less?

It’s very straightforward… all you need to do is make 5 days available, not necessarily consecutively and include weekends, contact Paul to make the booking and you’re good to go. It’s available only to full motorcycle licence holders. The courses run all year round.

The price is discounted to £620 for the 5 day course, (less for fewer days) plus the test fee at the time which will be in the region of £70.

What if you’re not quite ready at the end?

Don’t worry! Paul will talk through any additional practice you might want before taking your test. You can go away and practice without forfeiting your test fee and come back when you’re ready and confident enough, at no extra cost!

By becoming a RoSPA member you not only open the door to a range of important benefits to support you and your organisation, but you also make a vital contribution to furthering RoSPA’s work to save lives and reduce injuries. RoSPA is internationally acclaimed.

Advanced Motorcycle Training